About Moat Farm Flowers

Flowers growing in the raised beds of the old cattle yard.

Flowers growing in the raised beds of the old cattle yard.

Moat Farm Flowers is an English flower farm in the heart of Suffolk, just north of the market town of Framlingham.  

It was started by Frances Boscawen in 2013, when her love of flowers, gardening and particularly of using seasonal flowers in her bouquets and arrangements, left her thinking about their origin (Holland, Kenya and South America). We have all become aware of food miles, now is a chance to cut our flower miles too.

With plenty of space here at Moat Farm, the obvious answer was to start growing an ever expanding range of flowers ourselves. So the sheltered vegetable garden has been turned over to tulips, larkspur and peonies, the crumbling red bricks and cracked concrete of the old cattle yard have been transformed into a cutting garden bursting with annuals and dahlias in raised beds, and the one-time pony paddock has been planted for full-scale flower production. We also have a polytunnel to extend the season and tide us over the cold, dry East Anglian winters. Whilst we are not totally organic we try to follow organic principles and the farm is home to a wonderful range of wildlife. Ours are flowers which are grown naturally and slowly. 

What we grow

(An incomplete list)

Spring: hellebores, narcissi, muscari, hyacinths, tulips, lilac, solomans seal, various early flowering shrubs

Summer: alliums, astrantia, sweet peas, lilies, peonies, antirhinums,  lavender, roses, delphiniums, larkspur, foxgloves, ammi, scabious, cosmos, nigella, nicotiana, zinnias

Autumn: gladioli, dahlias, sunflowers, chrysanths, amaranthus, grasses and seed heads