Self-sown seedlings

It is good to remember that many favourite plants are quite capable of growing themselves, although not necessarily where you might choose to sow them. In fact, the ammi majus are making their point by popping up between the cracks in the paving - they are happier here than in their new raised beds in the flower field or confined to small cells in the cold frame. As I transplanted them this morning into rows in their new home in the vegetable garden (one day it will be reclaimed for it's true purpose, but possibly not this year...), I thoroughly enjoyed imagining them in June - armfuls of white lace, perhaps setting off some roses in a bouquet or in a jar packed with delicious sweet peas. All they have to do is avoid slugs, snails, bunnies, floods and drought - and hey presto.

ammi majus with feverfew, calendula